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Mellow Trancey Version

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    I just briefly browsed the comments for this last show and realized something. You probably made up all the comments yourself so you look like more than two people actually listen to the show, genius! I've a cool idea for the next one. Have the Commander Taco show! Strap a wireless microphone to Commander Taco's head with a high power transmitter, and a car batter to his back (to power the transmitter). And stream The resulting 12 hours of his life! (I think we'll be hearing a lot of Quake 3) later, freeze
  • In regards to the Signal 11 reference: Yes, he has no life. Yes, he hangs on /. all day. Yes, he sends his highly moderated posts to everyone under the sun. Yes, he enjoys being a karma whore.
  • Kills time at work ;-)
  • Funniest episode yet. I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats. The video broadcast, puppets, animation, etc.. is a really cool idea.
  • They don't make any secret of it. In fact theres a controll bar at the top of each story. And anouther in your user preferences.
    What did you think moderation was for? To assign karma?
  • There's other female listeners out there, I'm sure. I'm actually a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman... does that count?
  • Hey guys, love the show, reminds me of when my friends and I have a conversation, we've actually come up with an idea like the inanimate object television thing before. Its insane, but I love it, keep up the good work guys.
  • I usually make a point of listening to them. I have all, err, 25? (That's including e3.1) And the Bill Gates thing and some other stuff, I think. I've even listened to some of them over again. It would be really nice if someone who does teletyping (?? is that it? I mean the people who do the CC stuff on TV or in court) could whip out their typing thing and textify the shows for us. Then we could update the files where, perhaps, we think that's not exactly what was said.

    Speaking of not knowing what exactly was said, what DID CmdrTaco say in the beginning? Hemos then says "I thought he said 'That's what happens when Buddy starts slapping'" And they were all going "Eww!" Like he REALLY DID say that but it was a gross thing to say. Is that what he said?

  • How about an ASCII movie? Some of my friends and I have joked about making ASCII pr0n. Or maybe ANSI would be better because there would be colors. Does anyone know of an ASCII movie format? would this be hard to do? There are apparently already JPG/BMP/GIF -> ASCII converters. Otherwise, who would sit around making this ascii of a nude [].

  • What is this with increasing episode length? Since the first episode the length is now about 2.5 times as long. Pretty soon they'll just have to carry microphones around with them all day and broadcast continuously their daily activities. Not that I would mind more Geeks in Space. does anyone know how many people actually listen to Geeks in Space ALL the way through?
  • is here [].

    Here's the 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' review:

    We discovered that the feeling you get from not receiving a million dollars because you lost the game is exactly the same as the feeling you get from not receiving a million dollars when you win the game.



  • Well you guys made a bad mistake pointing out that you can browse by rating. Ive now seen several posts mentioning it. Gonna be alot less reading of crap. I know I had to go figure out how to do it right after.
  • I don't really think it would catch on. For one, they tend to jet around a lot and ask each other questions, and the camera work would be hell and any kind of streaming video would always break up with the camera moving so rapidly, which I often have to endure with jennishow. And yes, I know, Real Player is evil :)
  • Hi,

    I think it was CmdrTaco who mentioned cscmail in this episode (or it was the previous one... I'm not sure)... I've briefly glanced at it before but never decided to actually try it out...
    now it has been praised by a true geek, I wanted to try it out anyway...
    but the original website ( is gone! :( somebody has not been paying his bills...

    any thoughts on where i can get it?


  • Ok liked the newest show, I am one of your 20 listners. Anyway first of all for the spamminbg of kurt is the 1256 copies of 0, is it like one 0 in the e-mail that you send 1256 times, or is it oen e-mail with 1256 zeros? Second, I can't seem to get the url to oldman, any help? ok the last decent king quest based game was conquest of the longbow, it was Robin Hood and you got to beat the sherrif, rescue mary men from hanging, and acctuly shoot for the golden arrow. Lots of fun. I'm acctuly surprise that you guys didn't bring up the fact that Bill Gates lost 12 billion dollars last week. Think about it thats about the cost of four space shuttles, or getting Hemos or Cmdr Taco onto Iron Chefs. There I'm done
  • hmm i wonder why there are only three chicks listening ?
  • Haven't seen Dragonball Z yet.. always been more of a A-Ko kinda guy.
  • i enjoy listening to geeks in space. i hope they can work something out to continue producing these programs.
  • It is illegal to sell or buy fansubs that are already licensed in the US.
  • Hey, I grew up near Newton! At least in the vicinity of Boston. Cool!

    You should take road trips up to Brattleboro, Vermont, to record your segments of the show at my studio :) here's what it's been doing lately []

    It'd be fun- think about it. We could compose weird music and make new sound effects. Each Geeks In Spacer could deploy in a different geographical location and track down their own recording studio operator! It could be east coast versus west coast full-on geekness mp3 madness! What could be more fun? :)

  • You can't fool us. 98% of you people are really men. Don't even try.


    Lucy Longtime, Technobabe.

  • There's other female listeners out there, I'm sure. I'm actually a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman... does that count?

    Sure it does. I guess. Maybe. (Who writes the rules on these things, anyways?) So that makes three of us female listeners. Any more around?

  • I think streaming video broadcasts are a great idea especially if you do the random object thing!

    Just one camera pointing at some objects on the ground, each has a nametag. When you change topics move the objects around a bit.

    A good bit to do each week would be to pick an object representing First Posters and destroy it in a new and creative way.

    ------ [] -- Student seeking summer intership. Chea... inexpensive programmer!
  • by monaco ( 37517 ) on Wednesday April 05, 2000 @10:03AM (#1149038)
    A few notes on Dragonball Z:

    The original show's target audience was in the 12-14 year old male demographic. FUNimation's, English dub I mean, is what dumbs the show down to 8-year-old level.

    It's well worth it to invest in some fansub tapes to see the show in its original form. A few advantages of the fansubbed episodes:

    • Freezer is not an 80-year-old woman with emphysema
    • Kuririn is actually a cool character!
    • Muten Roshi actually is a dirty old man, and cops a feel whenever he can on any of the female characters
    • none of that "the next dimension!" crap; people actually die in the original version
    • Episode 125 (although this will be dubbed soon, Funi will probably screw it up) Chichi forces Son Gokuu and Piccolo to take driving lessons--hysterically funny!
    • Well-written and well-placed background music, none of that idiotic meandering synth music that they put in the dub!

    Obviously only a partial list, but if you want to see what you're missing in the dub, check out Chris Psaros' DBZ Uncensored! []

    Anyway, if you don't feel like waiting for some college kid in Nebraska to get around to mailing you some tapes, you can download episodes at Da Black Goku [] or at DALnet #dbzleech.

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