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Submission + - Hacktivists Plan Satellite To Bypass Censorship (techweekeurope.co.uk) 1

judgecorp writes: "A group of hacktivists is planning a satellite system to bypass censorship of the terrestrial Internet, it was revealed at the Chaos Communications Congress in Berlin, at the end of December. The proposed hacker space program, known as Hackerspace Global Grid will communicate through a distributed network of cheep (100 euro) mobile ground stations, according to the group's plans"
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Hacktivists Plan Satellite To Bypass Censorship

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  • Didn't China just test the "solution" to this "problem" sometime in the past year, and wasn't everyone annoyed about the resulting space junk it caused?

    A satellite whose purpose is to annoy the powerful, and some of those powerful are sufficiently capable to shoot it down. Furthermore, that satellite has no umbrella of national protection - nobody is going to consider the shootdown to be an act of war.

    I applaud their purpose, but unfortunately I see it as a target, and future hazardous space junk.

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