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Submission + - Job Seeking Hacker Gets 30 Months in Prison (securityweek.com) 4

wiredmikey writes: A hacker who tried to land an IT job at Marriott by hacking into the company’s computer systems and then unwisely extorting the company into hiring him, has been sentenced to 30 months in prison.

The hacker started his malicious quest to land a job at Marriott by sending an email to Marriott containing documents taken after hacking into Marriott servers to prove his claim. He then threatened to reveal confidential information he obtained if Marriott did not give him a job in the company’s IT department.

He was granted a job interview, but little did he know, Marriott worked with the U.S. Secret Service to create a fictitious Marriott employee for the use by the Secret Service in an undercover operation to communicate with the hacker. He then was flown in for a face to face “interview” where he admitted more and shared details of how he hacked in. He was then arrested and pleaded guilty back in November 2011.

Marriott claims that the incident cost the company between $400,000 and $1 million in salaries, consultant expenses and other costs.

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Job Seeking Hacker Gets 30 Months in Prison

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  • I think the real criminals as usual are corporations who fraudulently over estimate 'losses'

    but cops are too dumb to know any maths.

    • It's a pity that someone in the auditing field has not weighed in on this to respond, but yes - $500,000 to $1,000,000 is not an unreasonable effort as to the costs involved to a corporate to deal with this type of problem.

      To make this simple: For every *minute* that someone has to spend dealing with a problem, a company must *pay* for that time in salary. We won't go into hardware or software costs here.

      You need employee time:
      - to identify and document the root cause, identify incidents and the actual prob

      • by evanism ( 600676 )

        Good write up, but I'd bet some IT dude went to ask for ten bucks for some software to prevent exactly this problem and s/he would have been told no.

        Corporates disgust me in how they allocate costs when it is trendy, or for appearances!

  • For the lulz, indeed.

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