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darthcamaro writes: Lots of hoopla today about World IPv6 Launch day. The day the pundits tells us that we should be switching to IPv6. Well not all pundits, the Chief Security Officer of VeriSign (you know the guys the run the root DNS and .com) doesn't think IPv6 should be turned on by a whole lot of people. The problem is network security devices in many cases don't scan IPv6. So if you turn IPv6 on, you're screwed.
"If you don't have that visibility into IPv6, you should probably consider explicitly disabling IPv6 on your systems until you can take a very concerted approach to enabling IPv6 in a secure manner," McPherson said.

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If You Can't Secure IPv6. Don't Turn it On.

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  • New mobile networks MIGHT use IPv6. Or they might just use RFC1918 and IPv4-to-6 NAT to the internet. Adoption of IPv6 will be so slow that the big players will eventually decide it makes more sense just to create a new standard that is backwards compatible. Everyone gets to keep their IPv4, but the world can slowly expand into IPv6 range. And make it simple, so I don't have to remember 8 quads of hex. Eg the Google DNS servers? :: Done. Thanks. And I can't even say this will be IPv7 because someone

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